ComeBACK Trial

Are you keen to improve your walking?

The University of Sydney is running a large research study to support people in becoming more active and is looking for volunteers.

The study is investigating two programs (phone coaching vs motivational text messages) aimed at improving physical activity levels in people with walking difficulties. Participants will receive support from a physiotherapist to be more active.

Reasons to take part in this study:

  • Improve your ability and confidence in moving
  • Help you to be steadier on your feet
  • Make it easier to get out and about, see friends and family and be involved in the community
  • Improve your mood, energy and sleep
  • Reduce aches and pain and manage arthritis
  • Help manage weight
  • Help to manage or avoid other health condition such as diabetes and heart disease

Who can join?

​We are looking for people aged 18 years and older who are keen to increase their physical activity and who meet the following criteria:

  • have some difficulty walking 800m for any reason
  • are able to walk (i.e. not full-time wheelchair users)
  • are living in the community
  • are not currently doing more than 150mins/week of moderate physical activity
  • have sufficient hearing and English language skills for a phone based intervention

If you are interested, please call on 02 8627 6235, email the team at or visit our website

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