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Join Us – The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health has developed Join Us, an online national research register that can be used quickly and easily to engage and mobilise the Australian community in the research process. Using a similar approach to the Scottish SHARE program, the Australian community will be asked to consent to be contacted about research projects relevant to them, and to agree to have their routinely collected health data de-identified and stored long-term for medical research purposes.


The Join Us research register will:
• Encourage Australians 18 years and over to become involved in  research by consenting to be contacted about projects relevant to them. It takes only a few minutes to join.
• Enable participants to be in direct contact with Australian researchers.
• Cut red tape by removing a major barrier to the recruitment of participants.
• Enhance opportunity and investment for research in Australia, as international investors recognise the recruitment efficiencies provided by the register.
• Save lives by supporting earlier and more efficient research breakthroughs.


Current status

  • The initial development work has been done, start-up funding secured, ethics approval obtained and the Join Us website has been deployed and soft launched at


For more information, click to view the Participant Information sheet or the Factsheet for this research.

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