Stroke Recovery Club Coordinators

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A commitment to the quality of treating others with dignity, courtesy and respect

A friendly personality

An understanding of the challenges facing stroke survivors and their caregivers

Ability work with other members of the Club

Good communication skills

Time Commitment

4 hours per week

Other Requirements

Police records check.
You must be interested in helping stroke survivors and their caregivers to improve their quality of life in the community.


Attending the Stroke Recovery Club meetings regularly

Set up the room furniture, equipment etc. as required by the Branch Coordinator

Welcome the stroke survivors and their caregivers

Assist to provide refreshments

Organise the activities of the group with the assistance of carers and volunteers

Organize speakers

Organise outings


Reports to the members of the Stroke Recovery Club

Reports to the Stroke Recovery Association

Participates in the twice annual Stroke Club Teleconferences