Stroke Choirs

Research has established that singing is an effective method of improving speech following a Stroke and is viewed by participants as much more enjoyable than the traditional one on one speech therapy sessions. . This has lead to the creation of Stroke survivor choirs in NSW. The Stroke Recovery Association has a number of choirs specific for Stroke survivors. These choirs are conducted by music therapists and assist Stroke survivors in recovery through singing, friendship and a mutual understanding of issues people experience post Stroke.  They provide individuals who may experience communication issues with a safe environment in which they can relate to others who understand what they are experiencing. 

There are a number of Stroke Choir Groups who meet regularly across NSW to join in song.

Choirs include:

  • KeyStrokes Choir (Crows Nest)
  • Brainwaves Choir (Newcastle)
  • Online Choir

Recently, a short film titled “Striking A Chord: Stroke Survivor Choirs in NSW” was developed by the Stroke Recovery Association, and filmed, edited and directed by Tin Pang from Threecoin Pictures.

Check out this video of the Brainwaves Choir singing an original song titled ‘Aphasia’. The song ‘Aphasia’ is an original song, performed by the Newcastle Conservatorium Brainwaves Choir. Words and Music by RW Kilpatrick.

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