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The Stroke Recovery Association proudly supports new and emerging research projects within Australia.

All research request are approved though the Board of the Stroke Recovery Association which meets on the second Thursday of each month.  Applications are received and investigated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Stroke Recovery Association and their recommendations on the validity and viability of the research is presented to the Board for their approval.

In order to begin this process you will need to send us the following:

  1. An official request to the Chief Executive Officer of the Association via email ( 
  2. The official request should include:
    • A short précis of the purpose of the research
    • How the research is to be undertaken
    • A copy of the information to be distributed to participants
    • A copy of the Ethics Approval
    • What involvement is required by each participant
    • What involvement you are seeking from the Stroke Recovery Association.
  3. Once this has been received the Chief Executive Officer will investigate your request and you may be contacted for further details.
  4. Once the investigation is completed, your request (irrespective of the CEO recommendation) will be presented to the Board of the Association for approval.
  5. If approval is received we are then able to advertise the request for participants to our membership database.  These includes advertisement on:
    • Stroke Recovery Association’s Website
    • All Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin)
    • Stroke Recovery Association’s Publications “Stroke Recovery News” and “Club News”

For more information, or to discuss your research opportunity, please contact the Association on 1300 650 594 or

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