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The Stroke Recovery Association have a number of publications that are developed throughout the year that are distributed to our members.

Annual Report

The Stroke Recovery Association releases an Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting each year. If you would like a hard copy of this report, please contact the Association on 1300 650 594 or

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Stroke Recovery News

Stroke Recovery News is a publication released twice a year, with a focus on new Stroke research and rehabilitation techniques. This newsletter also keeps members updated on any changes in funding and health programmes.

Club News

Club News is a quarterly newsletter for members who attend Stroke Recovery Clubs around NSW. This publication features articles about our Stroke Recovery Clubs, recent Club events and events that they have been involved with in their local community.

Stroke Information Sheets

The Association in conjunction with different organisations and health professionals, have developed a range of information sheets about Stroke. These are available to download from our website, or hard copies can be ordered and sent to your postal address by completing this form.

Stroke Recovery Carer’s Handbook

The ‘Stroke Recovery Carer’s Handbook’, was written by Dr Tom Crow, an engineer and project management consultant, in association with the Stroke Recovery Association and Royal Rehab Centre Sydney, to assist families and carers to navigate this complex process. Tom is the husband of a Stroke survivor, and designed this Handbook to provide information, practical advice and hope to family members and friends of someone who has had a Stroke.

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