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The Stroke Recovery Association have developed a number of videos over the years demonstrating different aspects of the Association’s work and how this can impact Stroke survivors and carers.

We thank all of the individuals who have volunteered their time and stories to be included in these films.

“Please bear with me…” was a presentation recorded during Aphasia Awareness Month in 2022. Long standing members of the Association who experience Aphasia volunteered to share their stories in an effort to educate people about the lived experience of Aphasia.
The Benefits of Stroke Recovery Clubs was a short film that was developed in 2016 with the Working Age Group – Stroke (WAGS) Club, located on the Central Coast. This film explores the personal experiences of members as they begin attending the Stroke Recovery Clubs and how it has impacted them and their Stroke journey.
“Striking A Chord” is a short film developed in conjunction with Tuned In Music Therapy and demonstrates the benefits of Stroke Choirs for people after Stroke. Filmed and developed in 2019, the film highlights the experiences of the KeyStrokes Choir (based in Crows Nest, Sydney) and the Stroke Choir Recital that is a yearly event held by the Stroke Recovery Association.

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