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The Stroke Recovery Association of NSW aims to maximise the recovery of individuals who have experienced a Stroke and reduce the impact on their family/carers and the community. The Association is a focal point for information about Stroke recovery and prevention.

The Association was established in 1977 and since then has played a major role in the recovery and support of many Stroke survivors, assisted in the development of policy and best practice. It has also assisted in establishing some 42 Stroke Recovery Clubs/Groups, 4 Stroke Choirs and offers a range of Online Stroke Support groups to survivors and carers throughout NSW.

Our Services

Currently the Stroke Recovery Association provides the following services:

Our Values and Beliefs

The Stroke Recovery Association has a core set of values and beliefs that are the foundation of everything that the Board of directors and staff do.

  1. Stroke Recovery is ongoing.
  2. The emotional and social well-being of people is a significant factor in their recovery.
  3. People affected by Stroke and their Family/Carers:
    a. have a right to access accurate information and support,
    b. have important knowledge to contribute to service and policy development,
    c. have a right to confidentiality,
    d. have a right to be treated respectfully and with sensitivity to cultural diversity,
    e. are integral to the management and direction of the Association.
  4. Volunteers are an integral part of the Association’s function.
  5. The feedback provided by people affected by Stroke is vital to the planning and direction of the organisation.
  6. The Association promotes self-help, mutual support and integration of people affected by Stroke back into the community.
  7. The Association is committed to quality service provision.
  8. The Association provides service to all people regardless of their age, gender, language, culture, race, sex or disability.

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All donations to the Stroke Recovery Association are tax deductible and gratefully accepted. Donations may be made by credit card over the telephone by calling 1300 650 594. Or you can Click here to donate online.

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