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Supporting survivors of Stroke, carers and their families

About us

The Stroke Recovery Association NSW aims to maximise the recovery of individuals who have experienced a Stroke and reduce the impact on their family/ carers and the community. The Association is a focal point for information about Stroke recovery and prevention.

The Association was established in 1977 and since then has played a major role in the recovery and support of many Stroke survivors, assisted in the development of policy and best practice. It has also assisted in establishing some 42 Stroke recovery Clubs/ Groups, 4 Stroke Choirs and offers a range of Online Stroke Support groups to survivors and carers throughout NSW.

A group shote at the combines Stroke Recovery Clubs picnic

Stroke Recovery Clubs

Stroke Recovery Clubs are a meeting place for people to share their knowledge and experiences of Stroke. They provide an opportunity for group activities, speech practice, exercises, and outings. Clubs are an excellent source of companionship for all those affected by Stroke including family and carers.

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Our services

The Stroke Recovery Association offers a range of services to Stroke survivors, carers and families in NSW.

1300 Telephone Counselling

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Stroke Recovery Clubs/Groups

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Stroke Choirs

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Online Stroke Support Groups

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Annual General Meeting 2021

Time: December 3, 2021 @ 11:00 am – December 3, 2021 @ 1:00 pm

The Stroke Recovery Association will hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting on Friday 3rd December. This event will be held online via Zoom and all financial members of the Association are invited to attend.

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The Stroke Recovery Association holds a number of events each year. These include Conferences, Seminars, Combined Club events and events in the local community.


People affected by Stroke can derive benefit from participation in research projects. And by taking part, you would be contributing to a greater understanding of Stroke.

Current Research Opportunities

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Partner Research Organisations

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Benefits of Stroke Recovery Clubs

Member Testimonials

“When one experiences a stroke, the peculiarities and specificities of the resultant symptoms are unique. It’s easy to believe that the only person in the world who could possibly understand the recovery struggle is oneself. However, after attending the Inner West Stroke Recovery Club, I’ve learnt I’m unique just like every other stroke recoverer. I enjoy the comradeship of the Club and the online Choir – I attend them to know that I’m not alone.”
– Robin Reich

(Stroke survivor & member of the Sydney Inner West Stroke Recovery Club)

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