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Feedback and Complaints

Your feedback is important to us as it forms a very vital part of our service review process and ultimately assists us to improve our services to survivors of Stroke, their families and carers.  Compliments are an indication of what you value in the services we provide and they provide encouragement to our staff and volunteers.    You are also entitled to make a complaint about any issue  of concern to you.  Complaints can be about what you believe to be an unsatisfactory service, lack of communication, lack of respect, dignity or privacy and/or unprofessional behaviour.

Our Principles in Managing Feedback

The Stroke Recovery Association is committed to the following principles in management of your feedback:

  • Members/consumers are encouraged to provide feedback
  • Feedback and complaints are acknowledged promptly and sensitively
  • All complaints are managed fairly
  • Complaints are dealt with in and open and transparent manner where confidentiality is protected at all times
  • Feedback and complaints are an opportunity for the Association to identify needs and ideas for service improvements

When managing feedback and complaints, the Stroke Recovery Association will abide by all relevant Commonwealth and State legislation Including:

  • The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act)
  • The Privacy and Personal Information Act NSW 1998
  • The Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 NSW

How to Provide Feedback

Verbal Feedback

If you are concerned about the services provided to you or someone close to you at any time, please feel free to ring our Help-line  1300 650 594 and speak with the Chief Executive Officer who is always available to hear your concerns.

Written Feedback

The Association has a complaints and feedback form? If you would like to provide feedback or make a complaint about any service you have received from the Association, the form is available from the Association on 1300 650 594 or by emailing

If you would like to provide the Association with feedback about its services at any time download the form here:   Tell Us What You Think Form 2017

How will your feedback be managed

If you have any feedback or  complaints we will endeavour to respond to you promptly and sensitively.  Feedback information is treated confidentially and is managed according to the Associations’ privacy obligations.  We investigate complaints thoroughly to know what happened and why, and will also seek your suggestions on ways to prevent the issue happening again.  All complaints are investigated by the Executive Officer and a report along with the original written complaint are presented to the Board of Directors.

We also have a quality improvement log where suggestions on how we can improve any aspects of our services are detailed and incorporated into our strategic planning processes – which happen from November through to February each year.  If you would like a copy of any of the Associations policies and processes in relation to how we handle feedback and complaints from our service users, please contact the Chief Executive Officer on 1300 650 594.

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