Useful FREE apps for Stroke survivors


The below apps are available from the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Small Talk Aphasia (Male/Female) – Free app for practising speech and assisting in conversation on the go. It has common phrases and video to assist with communication.
  • Small Talk Conversation – Free app with common conversation phrases to assist with communication.
  • Claro Speak – Free app that assists with text to speech. Type in anything in the notes and play it aloud.
  • Small Talk Oral Exercise – Free app with multiple oral exercises to assist language skills.
  • Sono Flex Lite – Free app that assists with communciation through images, text to talk, and stringing a few images together.
  • Elevate – Free brain training app that focuses on memory and cognitive functioning. The app will adapt the game based on your skill level.
  • Lumosity: Brain Training – Free brain training app. The app will adapt the game based on your skills which are tested at the beginning to understand your baseline.
  • Category Therapy Lite – Free cognitive and memory game. Very user friendly.
  • Brain Out – Free app to assist with cognitive development using visual riddles.
  • Calm – Free meditation and sleep app to assist with wellbeing and mental health.

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