Guest Speaker Videos

The Stroke Recovery Association has regular online Stroke support groups where guest speakers from a range of areas present on topics relevant to our members and the wider Stroke community.

The videos below are exclusive to members of the Stroke Recovery Association. Our public YouTube channel also has some great presentations from previous conferences! You can visit our public page here

Welcome to Country

Disability Employment and NDIS rights – Tawanda Mukamuri & Nabil Mohammad

Seniors Rights – Nalika Padmasena

“Inclusive Fashion” – Amanda Fox

Tech & Recovery” – Christian Doran

“Resilience after Stroke” – Emily James & Suzie Stollznow

“NeuroMoves the importance of evidence based exercise after Stroke” – Jessica Hansson & Hannah Maslen

“Explaining and understanding Aphasia” – Dijana Dragicevich

Understanding post Stroke Fatigue” – Dr Dawn Simpson

The benefits of dance after Stroke: thought your dancing days were over?” – Gwen Korebrits

‘The benefits and practicalities of gardening after Stroke’– Claire Boyle

‘Nutrition in the prevention and management of Stroke’ – Bonnie Dorise

‘Introducing the LEXO’ – Melissa McConaghy

‘Real Life Resilience after Stroke’ – Barnaby Howarth

“COVID-19 and Stroke , What you need to know” – Professor Craig Anderson

Relationships and Intimacy after Stroke” – Sandra Lever

“Return to Driving after Stroke” – Kylie Chambers

Cognition and strategies to support a change in cognitive function” – Julie McRann

‘Common Issues Carers Face’ – Barbara Lewis

“Fatigue After Stroke, A Survivor’s Perspective”– Brenda Booth

“Mid-week Mindfulness” – Penelope Simmonds

The importance of continued recovery” – Professor John Worthington

Secondary Stroke Prevention”- Clinical Associate Professor Martin Krause

“The role of Exercise Physiology after Stroke” – Marlou Tacouge

Technology in Stroke Recovery” – Dr Jodie Marquez

Strategies for Vision after Stroke” – Shanelle Sorbello

“Neuropsych Assessments After Stroke” – Andrew Rock

“Benefits of Stroke Choirs” – Anita Connell

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