Recovery & coping

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  • Consider all your options— there are many services available;
  • Appreciate your family member for who they are;
  • Re-establish your personal contacts and networks;
  • Enable other family members to become involved & responsible for the Stroke person;
  • Get assistance before reaching breaking point;
  • Initiate new interests, pursuits and hobbies;
  • Validate each other’s feelings – be honest;
  • Embrace change and try to be flexible;
  • Realistic expectations of yourself and your situation are important;
  • Sex can remain an important source of enjoyment in a relationship.
  • Be patient – It may take some time to come to terms with changed circumstances.
  • Get outside assistance, when necessary – talk to people about your situation.
  • Carers should look after themselves – take breaks to do things you enjoy.
  • Acknowledge and discuss problems – do not pretend that everything is all right.
  • Decisions may affect other family members. Involve them when appropriate.

Your Carers Association can assist
you. Contact 1800 242 636


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