Diverse Hearts

Diverse Hearts – Co-designing a culturally tailored, evidence based, digital stroke education program for Arabic, Dari, Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking communities to reduce the risk factors for stroke and promote mental well-being in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Interested adults (18 years of age or older) who had a stroke in the last 5 years from Arabic, Dari, Chinese
and Vietnamese communities would be asked to sign a consent form (available in their language). They
will then be contacted via phone to complete an online pre-study survey (which should take no more than 5 minutes) and indicate a date and time suitable for them to take part in a focus group online or in person at Rosewood Cottage Support Centre, 22 Fullagar Road, Wentworthville, NSW 2145. Each focus group will run for approximately 90 minutes and an interpreter will be provided, if required. At the end of the focus group, they will be asked if they are willing to participate in the next part of the study. This would involve reviewing and providing feedback on the modules of the stroke prevention education program online or in person at Rosewood Cottage Support Centre.

Inclusion Criteria:

• Aged 18+ years

• Have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or a Stroke survivor

• Can speak Arabic, Dari, Mandarin, or Vietnamese

What is involved?

• Join us for 1 group discussion

• 90 minutes per session

• Review our digital stroke education program

Participants will be remunerated for their contribution ($50 per interview or focus group/review session) and those attending in person will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses.

For more information please contact: Dr Sabine M Allida at sallida@uow.edu.au or on 8763 6015

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