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Stroke Information Kit

May 22 2017

The Stroke Information Kit is a guide that has been developed to assist people affected by Stroke and their families.

Information provided in this document includes:

– About the Stroke Recovery Association

– The Warning Signs of Stroke

– Prevention of Stroke

– What is a Stroke?

– The Stroke Team

– Physical Effects of Stroke

– Social Aspects

– How Stroke Affects Daily Living

– Precautions

– Managing your Medications

– Carers- Learning to Live with Stroke

– Request for Further Information

– How to make a complaint

– Stroke Recovery Association ‘Values and Beliefs’ statement & ‘Code of Conduct’

– Useful Websites

– Aphasic Card

– State Associations Contact List

Download the Stroke Information Kit

If you would like to request a hard copy of this document, please call 1300 650 594 or email

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